Security guard killed, officer and 6 others injured in Florida shooting

Tragedy struck a Miami-Dade shopping center in the early hours of Saturday morning, resulting in two fatalities — including a gunman — and seven others injured in a shooting incident.

The altercation began at the Martini Bar in CityPlace Doral, where a dispute among patrons escalated, prompting a security guard to intervene. Unfortunately, the situation took a deadly turn when one of the individuals involved pulled out a firearm, fatally shooting the security guard.

In response, other members of the security detail at the establishment engaged in gunfire with the assailant, resulting in the death of the gunman. Amidst the chaos, six additional individuals sustained injuries, including two women and four men. Additionally, a Doral Police officer was wounded in the leg during the exchange of gunfire.

During a press conference held shortly before 8 a.m., authorities revealed that two of the injured were in critical condition and were transported to Jackson Trauma and HCA Kendall Regional Trauma Centers, respectively. The remaining five, including the injured officer, were reported to be in stable condition. Swift action by the injured officer, who applied a tourniquet, likely prevented further casualties.

Police disclosed that the wounded officer had served on the force for four years and demonstrated remarkable composure during the crisis. It was also revealed that a year prior, Doral Police had conducted extensive training for handling mass casualty incidents at the same location, underscoring the importance of such preparedness measures.

Doral Mayor Christi Fraga expressed condolences for the victims and their families, stating that her thoughts and prayers were with them. The incident occurred at approximately 4 a.m., leaving a community shaken and grieving.

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