Israel Launches Night Raid on Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

In a targeted operation, Israeli forces conducted a night raid on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, with tanks and heavy gunfire reported at the scene.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated that they were executing a “high precision operation in limited areas” within the hospital compound, where senior Hamas terrorists were said to have taken refuge and were using the premises to launch attacks.

Eyewitnesses inside the complex in Gaza City described a scene of panic, with tanks surrounding the area and heavy gunfire echoing throughout the vicinity.

Footage posted on social media captured the intensity of the situation, with unverified videos showing the chaos and violence unfolding at the hospital.

Reports from individuals inside the hospital conveyed a harrowing account of the events, with one person stating, “The soldiers are here inside the complex. There are casualties, and some young men have been arrested. The situation is dire.”

The IDF’s sudden operation at al-Shifa was in response to “concrete intelligence that demanded immediate action,” according to Rear Adm Daniel Hagari, the IDF’s chief spokesperson.

Despite the operation, the hospital was assured to remain operational, with patients and staff advised that there was no need for evacuation. An evacuation route was made available for displaced individuals seeking shelter at the complex.

In a statement, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry condemned the raid as a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.”

Israeli forces had previously discovered a network of tunnels and weapons under al-Shifa during a prior raid in November 2023, highlighting the military’s concerns about Hamas utilizing medical facilities for their operations.

Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s primary medical facility, has been severely impacted by the ongoing conflict, disrupting its ability to provide essential healthcare services to the local population.

The operation at al-Shifa is part of Israel’s broader campaign in Gaza following a deadly attack by Hamas gunmen. The escalating violence has resulted in a significant loss of life, with both sides facing accusations of breaching international laws and norms.

Notably, the IDF’s actions at al-Shifa and Nasser Hospital, Gaza’s second-largest medical facility, have raised concerns about the treatment of medical personnel and the protection of healthcare institutions during times of conflict.

As the situation in Gaza continues to unfold, the impact of these targeted operations on civilian infrastructure and humanitarian efforts remains a critical issue that demands international attention and accountability. Israel’s military

actions in Gaza underscore the complexities of modern warfare and the challenges of upholding humanitarian principles in times of crisis.

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